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Many of the cases in our office are complex and involve multiple issues for the child and family. Our experience has shown that in many cases the first step toward a solution to the family's legal needs is a consultation with an appropriate professional. As a result, we have developed relationships with a variety of professionals including psychiatrists and education professionals. Frequently the creation of a team based, multidisciplinary focus is needed to develop a comprehensive legal strategy that will best serve our clients.

In an effort to expand services to our clients we now have a Spanish speaking attorney in our office. Robert Felker works in the area of divorce and special education law and is fluent in Spanish.

We practice in Cook, Lake, DuPage and Kane County.

Special Education Consulting Services

Our highly experienced staff deal with the complex and varied issues faced by children with disabilities. The attorneys and advocate work with parents to ensure that all their children's educational needs are met.

Family Law

Our attorneys offer a child-centered approach for families who are faced with divorce, custody, support, and visitation issues. We are concerned with the best interest of the child(ren). Custody, support, and visitation issues can be particularly difficult when one or more child(ren) have special needs. Mediation is available and, where possible, strongly encouraged.

Mental Health Law

Power of Attorney for Health Care/ Living Will

Forms such as the power of attorney for health care and living wills can dictate what kind of medical services can be offered when a person is too disabled to communicate their wishes to hospital staff. The forms also allow for the appointment of a representative to make health care decisions for the disabled person.

Mental Health Declaration

Persons managing their mental health issues with medication can sometimes go off medication and act in a way that puts themselves or others at risk. While lucid, a person suffering from mental health issues can put a mental health declaration in place that dictates what their treatment should be if they ever find themselves unable to make rational decisions regarding their care.


Often times, family members with severe disabilities need someone to look out for their best interests, and guardianship can be the only viable option. A guardian is a person appointed by the court to manage the affairs of the disabled person. You can be appointed guardian of the person, of the estate (if there are assets), or both.

Undergraduate: DePaul University
Law School: DePaul University
Admitted to Bar: 2006
Practice Areas: Personal > Education Law
Personal > Family Law
Organizations: Felker & Reganti LLC, Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic, Chicago Volunteer Legal Services
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Children: No Children
Age: 31
City of Residence: Chicago
Home Town: Cape Girardeau
Home State: MO
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About Me: I am a domestic relations/education attorney living in Chicago. I am heavily into public service and representing children.

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An overview of contempt proceedings under Illinois law. Includes information on both criminal and civil contempt, as well as direct and indirect contempt of court.
Posted by Robert Felker on 3.19.08 in Litigation - Law & Motion. (IL)