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Our areas of practice include:

► Claims under the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act
► Civil actions for injured maritime workers
► Claims for those diagnosed with mesothelioma
► Civil actions to recover for injury or death wrongfully caused by a defective products, motor vehicle collisions, construction site accidents, medical malpractice, dangerous premises and sexual abuse. 


Settlements and Verdicts:

Below you will find a sampling of the results we have achieved over the years for our clients and their families.  Due to privacy concerns, we have not identified any particular plaintiff or defendant in the summaries outlined below.  These results are for information purposes only.  As with any suit or action, there are no guarantees of any particular recovery as each case is different.  The information on this website should not be construed as legal advice and is not a substitute for obtaining individual legal advise based on the particular specifics of your case.

Maritime Accidents

Policy limit settlement of $1,000,000 in a Jones Act case for a seaman conducting a dredge operation.  Plaintiff sustained injuries during a fall that ultimately required a total hip replacement.  (Bunnell)

A $900,000 settlement on behalf of a crew member's estate (Jones Act and Death on the High Seas case) who died when the vessel sank off the Oregon coast.  (Bunnell)

A $750,000 result for a crew member (Jones Act case) who was injured while desceding a portable ladder and sustained patellar and hip fractures and a torn tricep.  (Bunnell)

A $486,500 verdict for a tankerman that suffered a herniated disk after falling on a slippery deck. (Preston)

A $450,000 settlement for a deckhand on board a tug that suffered serious wrist and hand complications following an injury.  (Preston)

A $275,000 verdict for an AB seaman that suffered a torn biceps while lowering a Jacob's ladder.  (Preston)

A $125,000 verdict for a messman that suffered from tarsal tunnel syndrome after a slip and fall on board the vessel.  (Preston)

Longshore Third Party Injuries

A $1,000,000 settlement during mediation for a longshore foreman against the vessel owner when he slipped and injured his knee that ultimately required a total knee replacement.  (Bunnell)

A $225,000 result for a longshoreman against the vessel owner for a thoracic disk protusion that required surgery after he was struck by a falling cable.  (Bunnell)

A $225,000 settlement for a longshoreman against a port district when he stepped into a void in the ground that required a knee surgery.  (Bunnell)

A $175,000 verdict for a longshoreman that sustained injury to his knee requiring surgery after he stepped into an unmarked void in prepacked lumber.  (Bunnell)

A $150,000 settlement for a longshoreman against the vessel owner after sustaining an injury to his knee that ultimately required surgery.  (Bunnell)

A $135,000 settlement for a longshoreman that sustained an injury to his shoulder that required surgery after descending a walkway that was not properly maintained.  (Bunnell)

A $100,000 result for a longshore foreman against the vessel owner after sustaining an injury to his knee while descending a ladder that required surgery.  (Bunnell)

Construction Accidents

A $2,800,000 verdict for a worker that was crushed and died due to the failure of the employer to properly operate logging machinery. (Preston)

A settlement of $1,265,000 for the estate of a carpenter against the general contractor after the panel on which he was working gave way causing him to fall and sustain traumatic injuries leading to his death.  (Bunnell)

A resullt of $400,000 for a pipefitter who sustained injuries to his neck and back that required surgery.  (Bunnell)

Medical Malpractice

A $700,000 result for a injured worker who sustained complications following low back surgery that resulted in damage to his urinary and bowel systems.  (Bunnell)

A $362,000 verdict for a woman due to the negligent implantation of breast implants. (Preston)

Asbestos Exposure

A $4,800,000 verdict for a plaintiff that suffered from mesothelioma as a result of work exposure that included $3,000,000 in punitive damages. (Preston)

Defective Products

A confidential settlement for a plaintiff that was operating a defective rivet gun that misfired a rivet into his leg causing serious injury.  (Preston)

A confidential settlement based upon defective warnings regarding the use of medication that resulted in kidney failure. (Preston)

A confidential settlement after a worker used a plastic conveyor belt that resulted in the permanent lung damage due to the release of toxic fumes.  (Preston)

Sexual Abuse

A confidential settlement for a young woman that was sexually assaulted by two of her coaches.  (Bunnell)

General Negligence Claims

A settlement of $245,000 for a woman that slipped and fell at a grocery store and required low back surgery.  (Bunnell)

A verdict of $175,000 for a gentleman that suffered permanent hearing loss as a result of the failure to train and monitor an audio demonstration.  (Preston)

A verdict of $155,000 for a woman that sustained neck injuries that resulted in surgery as a result of an automobile accident.  (Bunnell)

A settlement of $90,000 for a woman that sustained a shoudler injury that required surgery after she fell at a restaurant that had failed to clean up a spill.  (Bunnell)

Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Law School: Lewis and Clark
Admitted to Bar: 1991
Practice Areas: Personal > Admiralty
Personal > Civil Litigation
Personal > Personal Injury
Organizations: Oregon and Washington State Bars
Gender: Male
Age: 45
City of Residence: Portland, Oregon
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